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Agriculture Department (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Agriculture Extension service is indispensable and it offers more than just expert assistance in improvement of production. It took Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over decades to reach comprehensive institutionally established and organized service.

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  • صوابی سرکل کرنل شیر کلے!!! آج فارم سروسز سنٹر کرنل شیر ک...

    صوابی سرکل کرنل شیر کلے!!! آج فارم سروسز سنٹر کرنل شیر کلے تحصیل رزڑ کے منیجمنٹ کمیٹی کا اجلاس ہوا، جس میں کمیٹی کے تمام ممبران، محکمہ زراعت شعبہ توسیع (صوابی) کے ڈپٹی ڈائریکٹر ایگرانومی اینڈ ایکسٹینشن اور فارم سروسز سنٹر کرنل شیر کلے تحصیل رزڑ کے انچارج عباس خان نے خصوصی شرکت کی، اس موقع پر فارم سروسز سنٹر کو مزید فعال رکھنے منیجمنٹ کمیٹی اور کسانوں کے درمیان اتحاد واتفاق اور رابطہ کاری، فارم سروسز سنٹر کے موجودہ خدوخال اور آثاثہ جات بینک بیلنس اور مشینری وغیرہ کے مسائل کے حل کیلئے آئیندہ کیلئے لائحہ عمل کے ساتھ رواں گندم سیزن کیلئےمختلف جڑی بوٹی مار آدویات کی فراہمی کے حوالےتفصیلی بات چیت کے ساتھ آیئندہ کا لائحہ عمل طے کردیا گیا، اس موقع پر فارم سروسز سنٹر کے فیلڈ سٹاف اور ICT آفیسر سٹاف بھی موجود تھے


    Created by: MUHAMMAD HILAL (Field Assistant)
  • ICT Agriculture Transformation Plan

    Dated: 23-11-2023. Swat Upper ICT Agriculture transformation plan Awareness sessions regarding control of Invasive Weed “Parthenium Hysterophorus” commonly known as Parthenium weed. On the directions of DDA Agriculture Extension Swat (Upper) Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, Agriculture officer Mr. Abdul Latif Conducted “awareness session at Government primary School baboo regarding control of the the above mentioned weed. Teachers and students were made aware of its toxic nature and related health hazards. They were also briefed on control strategies of the said “weed”and use of self protection equipments when ever required.


    Created by: ABDUL LATIF (Agriculture Officer)
  • *District Swabi Circle Topi* On The Direction Of District Director Agriculture Dr. Amir Khatam Khan ...

    *District Swabi circle Topi* On the direction of District Director Agriculture Dr. Amir khatam khan , SMS pp Dr. Shad ali khan Along with Agriculture officer Muhammad Ashraf ,ICT Ao Muhammad Aatif ,field assistant Farid ullah & Akip khan , visited different pesticide, seeds & fertilizer shops . 1. To check their license. 2. Products rates. 3. Expiry date. 4. Give directions to the shop dealers to clean the shop. 5. Maintain proper fertilizer/pesticide/seeds record. 6. Also collected samples of pesticides and fertilizer for laboratory analysis to check their quality and ingredients.


    Created by: MUHAMMAD HILAL (Field Assistant)
  • Parthenium Weed Campaign.

    dated:10/11/23. District: Nowsher Tehsil: jehangira akora circle. AO along with the team visited schools and colleges to awear local community and students teachers about the adverse effect of parthenium weed.


    Created by: SAIMA SHER GHANI (Agriculture Officer)

    *District Swabi, Topi Circle* (ICT Agriculture Transformation Plan) Date: 10/11/2023 Upon the direction of District Director Agriculture extension Swabi Dr.Amir khatam khan, Deputy Director Horticulture Farad khan, Agriculture Officer Muhammad Aatif Visit to Citrus Orchard which was distributed under the project of Climate Resilience through the Horticulture intervention in KP.


    Created by: MUHAMMAD AATIF (Agriculture Officer)
  • District Swabi, KSK Circle*

    (ICT Agriculture Transformation Plan) Date: 06/11/2023 Upon the direction of District Director Agriculture extension Swabi Dr.Amir khatam khan, Agriculture Officers Akmal hassan, Sheraz khan and Khayam Raza met farmers at FSC KSK and brief them about different ongoing activities, kissan card,ICT project. land preparation, sowing method for wheat crop was discussed and briefed them about selection of quality seeds, proper sowing time and SMP plot. Distributed Wheat seeds among the farmers.


    Created by: KHAYAM RAZA (Agriculture Officer)
  • ضلع نوشہرہ میں ڈسٹرکٹ ڈائریکٹر محکمہ زراعت کے زمیندارو...

    جناب ممتاز احمد خان ضلعی ڈائریکٹر زراعت ضلع نوشہرہ نے ایک فیلڈ اسسٹنٹ کو ڈیوٹی میں غفلت برتنے پر ملازمت سے معطل کر دیا۔اور متعلقہ اہلکاروں کی ہفتہ وار چھٹیاں منسوخ کی تاکہ زمینداروں کو گندم کا بیج مہیا کر کے بر وقت بوائی کو یقینی بنایا جائے۔


    Created by: SAJJAD AHMAD (SMS HORT) (Subject Matter Specialist)
  • Wheat Seed

    زمیندار حضرات محکمہ زراعت توسیع کے ضلعی دفاتر سے پہلے آئیے پہلے پائیے کی بنیاد پر گندم کا بیج حاصل کریں اور 15 نومبر تک کاشت مکمل کریں۔ مزید معلومات کیلئے کال سنٹر نمبر 03481117070 پر رابطہ کریں۔


    Created by: MUAZZAM ALI (Call Center Manager)
  • ICT Based Improvement In Agriculture Extension

    Date: 26/10/23. District: Nowshera Tehsil: jehangira akora circle. A farmers group meeting was conducted in akora where farmers were briefed about wheat soil preparation, seed selection and use of DAP, weedicides.


    Created by: SAIMA SHER GHANI (Agriculture Officer)
  • ICT Based Improvement In Agriculture Extension Services In KP Under ATP

    District Haripur Circle Ghazi Today dated 25/10/2023 in agriculture extension office Circle Ghazi wheat seeds and fertilizers were formally distributed amongst farmers and important information provided to them regarding wheat cultivation and productivity enhancement and briefed with details about the promotion of better agricultural practices and techniques to obtain maximum yield from wheat crop.


    Created by: AURANG ZEB (Agriculture Officer)


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Extension Services in Agriculture

New technologies are developed through research for development in a sector but these technologies can only be fruitful if reached to the end users and / or applied accordingly. Agriculture is no exception to this rule. In order to transfer new technologies to the farming community, the extension services in public and private sector perform this basic task and component of development process.

Agricultural extension is recognized as a potent and critical force in the development process. It has been defined as "a service or system which assists farm people through educational procedures in improving farming methods and techniques, increasing production efficiency and income, bettering their levels of living, and lifting the social and educational standards of rural life." (Maunder, 1973).

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