The Government subsidizes 60 percent of total system cost for installation of drip irrigation system on upto 15 acres while the remaining expenditure is contributed by the beneficiary farmers (40 percent). In addition, government provides Rs. 10,000 per acre of scheme area for construction of water storage pond, if needed, on the basis of site specific technical requirements.
One time financial assistance of Rs. 225,000 per unit is provided to the farmers/service providers.<
The Government is providing entire cost of construction materials while the farmers are required to contribute entire labour costs for improvement of the watercourse
Precision land leveling (PLL) is a mechanical process of grading and smoothing the land to a precise and uniform plane surface at grade or no grade (zero slope) with variation of less than 2cm. The LASER technology has proved to be a highly efficient tool for achieving a high degree of precision for carrying out PLL operations in much lesser time.
LASER land leveling is an ideal intervention for improving water application efficiency and enhancing crop yields. An impact assessment study carried out by Planning and Evaluation Cell of Agriculture Department during 2008 reveals its following impacts. Saving in irrigation time from 25.1 to 32.1 percent Increase in irrigated area by 34.5 to 42.0 percent Improvement in crop yields from 10.7 to 12.9 percent Reduction in farm cultureable waste land by 2.10 percent Facilitation in better crop stand, uniform moisture availability and enhanced fertilizer use efficiency

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