Chitral Office

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Office of District Director Agriculture Extension Chitral Office of District Director Agriculture Extension Chitral 0300-5883637 (+92)-(000)-00000 Nill

District Market Rates

CategoryItemZameendar Bazar PriceRetail PriceMarket PriceFarmer Price
FruitsBananaRs. 0Rs. 120Rs. 0Rs. 0
FruitsCitrusRs. 0Rs. 180Rs. 0Rs. 0
FruitsGuavaRs. 0Rs. 160Rs. 0Rs. 0
FruitsMuskmelonRs. 0Rs. 150Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesBitter gourd Rs. 0Rs. 150Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesBrinjalRs. 0Rs. 60Rs. 50Rs. 0
VegetablesCabbageRs. 0Rs. 50Rs. 40Rs. 0
VegetablesCapsicumRs. 0Rs. 100Rs. 90Rs. 0
VegetablesCarrotRs. 0Rs. 60Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesCauliflowerRs. 0Rs. 60Rs. 50Rs. 0
VegetablesCucumberRs. 0Rs. 50Rs. 40Rs. 0
VegetablesGarlicRs. 0Rs. 400Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesGingerRs. 0Rs. 400Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesOkraRs. 0Rs. 120Rs. 100Rs. 0
VegetablesOnionRs. 0Rs. 80Rs. 70Rs. 0
VegetablesPeaRs. 0Rs. 150Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesPotato (White)Rs. 0Rs. 50Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesPumpkinRs. 0Rs. 60Rs. 50Rs. 0
VegetablesRaddishRs. 0Rs. 40Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesSpinachRs. 0Rs. 50Rs. 40Rs. 0
VegetablesSquashRs. 0Rs. 100Rs. 0Rs. 0
VegetablesTomatoRs. 0Rs. 50Rs. 40Rs. 0

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Agriculture Extension
Directorate of Agriculture Extension
Opposite Islamia College Gate No 1
Jamrud Road Peshawar

091-9224239 , 03481117070

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